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For almost 40 years, TBH has continuously expanded its expertise in goods transport. Our main objective is to meet the ever-increasing requirements of our customers. Our values such as RESPONSIVENESS through our 24-hour operations department, the SECURITY of routes and goods, excellent FLEXIBILITY to ensure the rapid deployment of additional equipment and the QUALITY of our human resources and vehicles means that we are able to achieve our absolute priority of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

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BH Développement - Découvrez l'historique de l'entreprise BH Développement - Découvrez l'historique de l'entreprise BH Développement

1975 :
TBH Transports established in Albertville (73) Business focused exclusively on national and international goods transport. Main market is Italy, where TBH is known as a specialist.

1982 :
To meet the requirements of its customers and ensure a closer presence to their operations, TBH Transports moved its operational hub to Corbas (69). At this time, 10 to 15 trucks operated daily in both directions between France and Italy. The Albertville site then focused on purely administrative services (accounts, HR).

1983 :
To better serve its customers and meet their requirements more efficiently, TBH decided to invest in equipment, forming a clean fleet and becoming a haulier in its own right.

1986 :
Creation of TBH Logistics

1992 :
Open borders and cessation of customs barriers in Europe. TBH Logistics absorbs the activities of TBH Transports.

1992 :
Open borders and cessation of customs barriers in Europe. TBH Logistics absorbs the activities of TBH Transports.

1996 :
Diversification into three distinct business lines - TBH Logistics (public goods transport), TBH Rental (leasing tractors and semi-trailers without drivers), TBH Haulage (Organisation and just-in-time management).

1997 :
TBH leads the pack by equipping its vehicle fleet with onboard satellite tracking and computer systems.

1999 :
Group revenue exceeds €3 million.

2006 :
Creation of the Holding entity, TBH Haulage (goods transport) absorbs TBH Logistics (J-I-T management) through a merger to become TBH SAS. Focus turns to haulage activity and organisation of just-in-time delivery operations. To deliver efficient support to global transport operators on the market, TBH SAS opts to act as a subcontractor in the global logistics chain. The CORBAS site becomes the group's new office.

2010 :
Industrialisation of transport network and creation of transport service plan

2011 :
Operations department now open 24 hours a day for better management, flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs. In May: TBH acquired Transports Trottier located near to Angers, hiring 22 of their drivers and the company director, while absorbing the customer base covering Western France. Under the new organisation TBH SAS now represents: 190 drivers and 135 tractors, all equipped with onboard satellite tracking systems and compliant with Euro 5 environmental standards. TBH SAS secures organic growth by opening new transport routes and external growth through the partial acquisition of Trottier.

2012 :
Revenue exceeds €25 million

2013 :
New corporate website for TBH

2015 :
Renewal of CO2 charter

New corporate website for TBH :
Franchissement de la barre des 17M € de CA


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