The company TBH TRANSPORT - vehicle rental and transport

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The company BH Developpement - vehicle rental and transport


1975 :
TBH SAS established in Albertville (73)

1997 :
On-board satellite tracking systems

2006 :
Creation of BH DEVELOPMENT holding

2010 :
Process industrialisation and creation of transport service plan

2011 :
24-hour tracking

2012 :
C0² charter
Revenue exceeds €25 M

2013 :
Acquisition of CHIPIER transport firm

2014 :
Revenue exceeds €40 M

2015 :
Renewal of C0² charter

2016 :
€50 M revenue achieved

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All our vehicles are equipped with onboard satellite tracking systems.

We use the Astrata Driver Link software to track our vehicle fleet.

The software is fully integrated in our operating system and for the past 15 years, has supplied us and our customers with full real-time data on our transport operations. Work data (shift times, etc.), geographical data (route, position, etc.) and operating data (on-time delivery, delays, etc.) are regularly reported to our system. Our Transport and Operations Plan can transmit messages to drivers, to provide loading instructions or other information.
This solution offers the benefit of delivering clear, concise and traceable instructions.
As we strive to ensure continuous improvement, a new tracking tool has been developed in partnership with Astrata and TomTom. This provides us with a map enabling us to use a Corridoring solution.

Communication and reporting: Our built-in satellite tracking system allows us to produce tables with departure and arrival times according to automatic messages sent and received by the vehicles, cross-matched systematically with the GPS-registered entrance or exit point of the customer site (which enables us to check or correct human error).


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Sécurisation :
Route preparation procedure.
Drivers must call the Operations centre between 90 mins and one hour prior to their scheduled departure to confirm they are OK to start their shift. If the call is not made, the Operations centre will try to call the driver and obtain a backup solution if necessary.

Responsiveness :
BH Développement employs a team of transport specialists, whose commitment and professionalism is outstanding. Nonetheless, the conditions of the industry and the requirements of the business are pushing BH Développement to extend its boundaries. A night duty service now operates in addition to the day-time coverage.

Flexibility :
BH Développement can deliver a solution to all requests for additional haulage capacity on our regular operations, up to one hour before departure.

Quality :
BH Développement makes its best efforts to guarantee the quality of service expected by our customers: 24-hour operational tracking, average age of tractor engines 2 years, loyal partnerships with highly-qualified suppliers.

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Sustainable development

BH Développement - Engagement

BH Développement signed the CO2 charter in December 2012, thereby committing to implement an action plan to reduce its C0² emissions.

Its action plan involves the following four aspects:

• Optimisation of road train geometry.
• Adjustment and management at low engine speeds.
• Eco-driving programme - training / support.
• Development of a computerised route optimisation system.

To support these efforts, BH Développement regularly replaces its tractor fleet every three years and is actively seeking certification of its environmental approach.

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25 / 01 / 2018

L'Appel National en faveur de la Sécurité Routière a été lancé le 11 octobre 2016 par la Ministre du Travail et le Minitre de l'Intérieur en poste. Depuis, de très nombreuses entreprises ont rejoint le mouvement, tout comme BH DEVELOPPEMENT et ses filiales, TBH et Les Transports Chipier.
Pour lutter contre les accidents de la route, première cause de mortalité au travail, nous nous engageons à tenir les 7 engagements suivants :


Nos collaborateurs sont notre plus grande richesse. Protéger leurs vies au quotidien représente donc une priorité pour nous.

10 / 02 / 2017

October 2016 : Creation of BH LOCATION

November 2016 : New commercial brochure for BH DEVELOPPEMENT

December 2016 : BH DEVELOPPEMENT will register 79 new vehicules 

During 2017 : Investment on 40 semi-trailers FRUEHAUF and 53 tractors

February 2017 : BH DEVELOPPEMENT website is online.