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BH Haulage

Upstream flow

Deliver to production sites, organise flows on a milk run with suppliers, with full integration in your logistics chain
Downstream flow

Expedite and distribute from a site to various processing points or logistics hubs. Organise to optimise.
Inter-site flows

From hub to hub, from a production site to an assembly site.. Round trips and circuits are defined and organised to match your production requirements precisely.

Our business expertise serving your performance.
In every project we undertake, we are fully involved in the logistics processes operated by our customers. Based on our strong experience in a variety of fields, BH Haulage organises reliable and sustainable flow management solutions. Upstream, downstream or inter-site, our transport plan department will analyse, evaluate and design realistic route plans and assessments. Our operations teams can also readjust organisational deployments in real-time to cope with unexpected occurrences.

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BH Rental

Choose flexibility
Tractors, trailers, container carriers, semi-trailers, with or without drivers (with or without ADR), for short or long term leases, BH Rentals will discuss your needs and deliver the appropriate solution. We can build the right model together and customise your fleet with your logo.

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BH Solutions

Anticipate to avoid pain or reactions.
To handle the complexity of your goods flows, their seasonality, the type of logistics for the goods transported, BH Solutions can design specific operations. Custom-designed to meet all your requirements. Short trips? Daily? At Night?
Challenge us!

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10 / 02 / 2017

October 2016 : Creation of BH LOCATION

November 2016 : New commercial brochure for BH DEVELOPPEMENT

December 2016 : BH DEVELOPPEMENT will register 79 new vehicules 

During 2017 : Investment on 40 semi-trailers FRUEHAUF and 53 tractors

February 2017 : BH DEVELOPPEMENT website is online.

9 / 02 / 2017

Octobre 2016 : Création du service BH LOCATION,

Novembre 2016 : Nouvelle plaquette commerciale BH DEVELOPPEMENT.

Décembre 2016 : BH DEVELOPPEMENT aura immatriculé 79 véhicules neufs. 

Sur 2017 : Investissement sur 40 semi remorques FRUEHAUF et 53 moteurs.

Février 2017 : Mise en ligne du site internet BH DEVELOPPEMENT.